Everyone needs a mate!

Digital Mate Apps is a company that is specialized in production of user-centric digital services.

We're here to make everyday life easier for millions of people around the world by utilizing digital technologies.

Our Mission a.k.a.
Statement of Purpose

Digital Mate Apps provides wide range of services: From service concepts and UI designs to end-to-end digital business models.

Common for all of those is that the actual service users are in the center of attention.

For us, it's about customers, delivery & value...

Digital Mate Apps was founded by three veterens of digital technology, who have held different creative and management positions in both start-up companies and in global corporations.

The founders work closely with a network of trusted partners and utilize the best-competence-for the-task approach.

Pavle Knezevic

Pavle is a tech guru who masters wide area of digital sciences, from UI design to digital forensics.

Ismar Ramadanovic

Ismar is an acknowledged system designer who has created many innovative and market leading digital solutions.

The third founder (anonymous)

The third partner is executive in a global technology consulting company. Due to confidentiality considerations he has chosen to remain anonymous to the public.